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Saturday, December 3, 2016

12/2/16 S&H Farm Supply High School Basketball Scoreboard presented by Bass Pro, Mitchem Tire and Wheel and Farmers Insurance


Girls Scoreboard 

Waynesville 51
Rock Bridge 74

Kickapoo 56
Washington 63

Hillcrest 37
Mt. Vernon 71

Neosho 61
Parkview 39

Incarnate Word 55

Helias 16

Ash Grove Tournament

Ash Grove 65
Stockton 33

East Newton 50
Crane 41

Battle of the Border at Branson

Bolivar 44
Branson 54

Lake Hamilton 51
Union 32

Jim Rush GMC

Carl Junction Tournament

Jasper 27
Monett 34

Nevada 39
Liberal 34

Diamond Tournament

College Heights


Top of the Rock

Everton Tournament

Niangua 30
Humansville 34

3rd Place


Fair Grove Tournament

Fair Grove 62
Buffalo 31

3rd Place
Clever  47
West Plains 48

Lebanon 50
Rogersville 43

Fordland Tournament

Galena 48
School of the Ozarks 40


Frisco League Tournament



Rogers Tournament

Siloam Springs 44
Ft. Smith-Southside 53

Alma 43
Camdenton 68

Webb City 29
Rogers 43

Ozark 61
Rogers Heritage 39

Bradleyville Invitational Tournament

Forsyth 57
Victory Academy 18

Warsaw Tournament

Warsaw 37
El Dorado Springs 39

3rd Place
Cole Camp 57
Lincoln 41

Butler 46
Skyline 83

Willard Tri-State Tournament

Ft. Scott Ks 41
Willard 49

Boys Scoreboard

Lebanon 51
Waynesville 57

Mansfield 61
Ava 37

Seymour 43
Houston 33

South Iron 58
Viburnum 36

Southern Boone 63
Linn 41

First Independent Bank

Battle at the Border in Branson

Bolivar 63
Branson 47

Lake Hamilton 63
Union 45

Carthage Tournament

Joplin 55
Neosho 56

Carthage 55
Nevada 57

Clever Tournament

Hartville 69
Fair Grove 64 ot

McAuley 53
Clever 60

Fordland Tournament

Galena 76
New Covenant 86

Lutie 59
Fordland 86

Forsyth Tournament

West Plains 63
Hollister 53

Forsyth 70
Walnut Grove 81

Frisco League Tournament


Stoutland 50
Plato 54

Humansville Tournament

Dadeville 62
Skyline JV 52

Everton 57
Humansville 49

Jonesboro Tournament

Kickapoo 72
Springdale Har-Ber 56

Bay 80
Hot Springs 79

Jonesboro West-Side 76
Valley View 60

Jonesboro 62
Forrest City 58

Lockwood Tournament

Jasper 60
Golden City 37

Pleasant Hope 55
College Heights 52

Stockton 49
Lamar 66

Weaubleau 37
Lockwood 55

Marionville Tournament

Spokane 72
Chadwick 37

Buffalo 67
Miller 56

MBCA Hall of Fame Classic

Hillcrest 96
St. Joseph Lafayette 90 3 OT

Parkview 85
Central 68

Lafayette Wildwood 66
DeSmet 69

Nixa 76
Raytown 55

Marshall Tournament

Camdenton 73
Marshall 71

Pierce City Tournament

Verona 58
Exeter 24

Billings 59
Sarcoxie 65

Republic Tournament

Rogers Heritage
Siloam Springs

Oak Park 58
Rolla 44

Republic 61
Belton 49

Rogersville 59
Ozark 63

Strafford Tournament

Conway 52
East Newton 28

Aurora 42
Marshfield 40

Catholic 47
Strafford 43

Sullivan Tournament

Salem 41
Sullivan 47

Thayer Tournament

Couch 44
Dora 55

Willard Tri-State Tournament

Fort Scott KS 50
Willard 57

Nathan Dixon in Republic

Justin Blair in Bolivar

Friday, December 2, 2016

Joboo's Gym Tour: Marionville

After years of thinking about it, my gym tour has finally become a reality.  And getting the honor of being the first gym to be graded is Marionville.  Except that anyone who has ever had to go first in a contest where you are being judged knows going first isn't a great thing.  The judges (me) have to leave room for those who are coming along after to be better.  If you haven't been through it, you can't understand.  But trust me, it works that way.  So apologies to Marionville for having to be first out of the gate, but all in all they stacked up pretty well and had some nice touches that I will always remember.

A quick explanation of the grading scale.  Each of the first 12 categories are scored 1 to 5 for a possible total of 60.  The wild card category is the extra credit of the gym tour.  Any points gained there are extra.  And what do the 1 through 5 ratings mean?  Glad you asked.

5 - As near to perfect as possible.  It would take a team of MIT scientists to come up with anything better.
4 - Not a 5, but great.  They will standout above the majority of others that I grade.
3 - Good.  What you have a right to expect.  Nothing may standout, but nothing is bad either.  A solid score.
2 - Houston, we have a problem.  It's not terrible, but overall some things could be better.
1 - FEMA is on the way.

So a 3 isn't a bad score, and 1s and 5s should be hard to get.  Got it?  Good.  On to Marionville.

Access: No problems here.  The parking lot is right in front of the school, has multiple entrances & exits, is in good shape, seems to be big enough to hold all but the biggest crowds, and is a short, level walk to the front door.  Once inside, the gym is close to the front and you can easily hit the seats on either side.  No real standout features like a second entrance or being really close to the entrance that would earn a 4, but it checks all the good boxes & then some.  3.5
Cost: $3 for an adult is pretty much the industry standard.  3
Gate personnel: No complaints here either.  The lady taking money wasn't friendly but she was far from rude.  But after teaching all day would you want to still be at school at 5:30 taking money from strangers?  I think not.  Honestly I wanted to give her a hug to cheer her up.  I'm married to a teacher.  I understand.  3 and a hug and a 'Thank you' for the lady at the gate.
Appearance: With a beautiful sunset right behind it framing the school, Marionville looked great right out of the gate.  Once inside, the entrance was clean, bright, and the gyms blue, grey, and white color scheme works great.

Just look at that MHS.  That looks good.  The Mid-Lakes Conference logo on either side of the floor was a nice touch.  But using the M from the logo as the lone decoration in the middle of the floor was a bit plain.  And it probably says more about me than anything, but having 4 or 5 different fonts in use took away from the overall look a bit.  Still a very solid look and they get a half point for the sunset framing the school alone. 4 
Seating: I like seeing chairback seating, but I'm always skeptical of plastic seats.  But Marionville's are comfortable and not small at all.  There's plenty of them too.  They have designated standing areas for home and visiting student sections.  And in the event of a BIG crowd, they have additional bleachers above the chairbacks that can be extended for use.  The only drawback there is a low sightline over the lower section.  That's the only thing that keeps this from being a 4.  But still.  3.5
Scoreboard: Take a look at it.

It stands out well, has some nice Comet decorations, and looks nice and new.  It's pretty basic for this day and age, but only one advertisement is nice.  And there's another one at the other end of the court just like it.  Pretty good overall.  3.5
P.A: The system itself was good.  It had clear sound & the volume was just about right.  The announcer was good, easy to understand and he got just the right level of hype when introducing the home team.  But that was about it except for announcements between quarters.  If you're a 'less is more' type of person, he's perfect.  But I wanted more.  3
Music: A recorded national anthem sounded good.  And the song choices ranged from OK (Fallout Boy), to overdone (Guns-n-Roses), to enjoyably quirky (Waylon Jennings singing the Dukes of Hazard them song).  Pretty standard fare, so it was OK.  3
Concessions: At first glance, I wasn't sure what I had to work with.  I saw a good variety of choices, but nothing stood out.  They did have 3 windows open though, and their condiments were close to, but apart from the concession stand.  Always the right choice.  The people behind the counter were working fast, and the cooking stuff was kept off to one side out of sight.  I was feeling better then saw the list between the window.  Walking taco & frito pie are now standards and good.  But a cinnamon pretzel too?  You can get a side of cheese or chili?  BBQ beef nachos?  Nothing more than $3?  And then this.
Can't give a 5 my first night out, but that's a solid 4.
Bathrooms: Exceptionally clean, ample room, and probably enough stations to handle most crowds.  And remember that color scheme in the gym?  Well it makes itself right at home in the bathroom too.  That's worth something extra.  3.5 
Fun stuff: Standard fare as they raffled off a  and had a Comet gear booth going in the lobby area as well.  Solid.  3
Fans: The game itself was not competitive but the crowd stayed engaged throughout.  They got fired up by a nice run in the first quarter, and they were appreciative of effort in the 4th.  The student section was decent and stayed standing and active throughout the game.
No one got belligerent with the refs but that could have been due to the big margin.  And while it wasn't the loudest, most active, or creative group, they were in it throughout.  3.5

Wild card: 3 things to mention here.  First walking in to see this...
then this in the gym...
can be intimidating.  We like intimidating. +1 point.  Second, as I got close to the school, I suddenly realized that I would have to drive through the middle of a freaking graveyard as sunset was approaching.  Talk about intimidating, that's a freakout waiting to happen for a hormonally charged teenager.   Teams could also drive by the graveyard instead of through it.  By it is worth 1 point, through it is worth 2.  I'll split the difference and give +1.5.  Thirdly, as I stepped out of my truck, my nose told me a farm was nearby.  Now those of you with more sensitive smellers may not care for that, but to a small town boy like me, that's worth another half a point.  So total bonus is 3.  Let's got to the scorecard.

Access - 3.5
Cost - 3
Gate personnel - 3
Appearance - 4 
Seating - 3.5
Scoreboard - 3.5
P.A - 3
Music - 3
Concessions - 4
Bathrooms - 3.5 
Fun stuff - 3
Fans - 3.5
Wild Card - 3

Total - 43.5

43.5 out of 60 to start the tour is not bad.  And that's a good overall description of my night in Marionville, not bad.  The fans were good, the facility nice, and even though the game wasn't that competitive, I enjoyed myself.  And that more than anything is what going to a high school basketball game should be about.  Enjoying yourself.  Marionville is worth a visit if you're in the area and you're looking for a typical high school basketball environment.  Thanks Comets for letting me drop by kicking off the tour.  I'll be back if I get a chance.  Unless you start leaving an open grave at the end of the cemetery nearest the school.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

12/1/16 S&H Farm Supply Basketball Scoreboard, presented by Rib Crib, Great Southern Bank and Bass Pro


Girls Scoreboad

Pleasant Hope
Climax Springs



Fair Play

Pierce City



Willow Springs

Mountain Grove



Ash Grove Tournament


Walnut Grove

Battle of the Border in Branson


Lake Hamilton Ar

Jim Rush GMC

Blue Eye Tournament


Blue Eye

Carl Junction Tournament

McDonald Co
Carl Junction


Top of the Rock

Diamond Tournament



Everton Tournament


Golden City

Fair Grove Tournament


Fair Grove

West Plains


Fordland Tournament


School of the Ozarks

Great 8 Tournament Rogers

Webb City
Alma Ar

Siloam Springs Ar

Van-Buren Tournament

Twin Rivers

MV/BT Liberty
Van Buren

Willard Tri-State Tournament

Bentonville Ar

Ft. Scott KS
Harrison Ar

Affton Tournament



Troy Buchanan Tournament


St. Dominic


St. Charles

Boys Scoreboard


Thomas Jefferson

First Independent Bank

Battle of the Border in Branson


Lake Hamilton Ar

Carthage Tournament

Rogers Ar
McDonald Co


Clever Tournament

Ash Grove


Fordland Tournament


New Covenant

Forsyth Tournament

Mountain Home Ar
Flippin Ar

School of the Ozarks
Reeds Spring

Frisco League Tournament




Humansville Tournament


Fair Play

Jonesboro Tournament

Har Ber

Valley View Ar


Forrest City
Hot Springs

Lockwood Tournament

College Heights

Golden City

Pleasant Hope


Marionville Tournament



MBCA Hall of Fame Tournament


St. Joseph Lafayette

Lafayette Wildwood


Pierce City Tournament


Pierce City

Strafford Tournament


East Newton

Sullivan Tournament

St. Clair

St. James

Thayer Tournament

MV/BT Liberty

Willow Springs

Warsaw Tournament


Cole Camp

El Dorado Springs

Knob Noster

Willard Tri-State Tournament

Fort Scott Ks

Nathan Dixon in Republic

Justin Blair in Bolivar

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

11/29/16 S&H Farm Supply Basketball Scoreboard, presented by Bass Pro Shops, Hiland Dairy and Great Southern Bank

Girls Scoreboard

Harrison Ar


Norwood 69
Eminence 61

Weaubleau 47
Stover 42

Joplin 28
Neosho 63

Hartville 59
New Covenant 34

Bronaugh 64
Thomas Jefferson 28

Helias 57
Camdenton 70

NE Vernon Co 17
Wheatland 79

Couch 63
Cabool 58 OT

Sullivan 66
Houston 41

Potosi 89
Bourbon 57

Fordland 70
Sparta 36

St. Charles West 37
Lutheran St. Charles 55

Washington 52
Union 23

Cor Jesu 27
Incarnate Word 64

Festus 54
St. Clair 45

Francis Howell 50
Marquette 49

Ash Grove Tournament

Crane 39
Walnut Grove 64

East Newton 41
Miller 47

Affton Tournament

Affton 58
Hancock 35

DuBourg 58
Bayless 23

Mehlville 35
Lindbergh 52

Windsor 16
Fox 51

Bradleyville Tournament

Bradleyville 63
Victory Academy 27

Blue Eye Tournament

Cassville 51
Reeds Spring 35

Blue Eye 61
Exeter 35

Carl Junction Tournament

Seneca 59
Nevada 34

Carthage 41
Liberal 32

Jim Rush GMC

Diamond Tournament

Lockwood 79
McAuley Catholic 60

Diamond 67
Sarcoxie 33

Everton Tournament

Greenfield 37
Niangua 36

Billings 56
Golden City 55

Top of the Rock

Fair Grove Tournament

Buffalo 38
Lebanon 86

Catholic 29
Clever 45

Van Buren Tournament

MV/BT Liberty

Alton 53
Thayer 55

Troy Tournament

Westminster 28
Hickman 48

St. Dominic 30
FZS 37

Troy 44
St. Charles 53

Eureka 46
Holt 44

Northwest Cedar Hill Tournament

Villa Duchesne 30
Ladue 48

St. Clair 45
Festus 54

Kennedy Tournament

Kennedy 28
Herculaneum 40

Valley Park 38
Libery 68

Eugene Tournament

Osage 71
St. Elizabeth 40

Boys Schedule

Bronaugh 43
Thomas Jefferson 51

Gainesville 55
Ava 56

Hurley 59
Norwood 37

Houston 22
Mansfield 81

Smithton 71
Russellville 61

Eureka 63
Hazelwood West 49

Hillsboro 71
Northwest 34

Festus 34
Pacific 56

First Independent Bank

Carthage Tournament

Neosho 61
Monett 39

Rogers Ar 45
Carthage 65

Clever Tournament

Fair Grove 86
Ash Grove 44

Sparta 20
Hartville 51

Eugene Tournament

Osage 73
Calvary 50

Blair Oaks 89
Versailles 69

Forsyth Tournament

Walnut Grove 69
Flippin Ar 35

Mountain Home Ar 56
Forsyth 62

Frisco League Tournament

Plato 38
Newburg 56


Dixon 21
Licking 59

Humansville Tournament

Fair Play 54
Humansville 23

Everton 49
Wheatland 81

Marionville Tournament

Cassville 56
Buffalo 35

Miller 21
Marionville 55

Marshall Tournament

Camdenton 44
Smith-Cotton 75

Pierce City Tournament

Greenwood 56
Sarcoxie 44

Diamond 66
Billings 54

Republic Tournament

Ozark 59
Siloam Springs Ar 43

Rogersville 58
Rogers Heritage Ar 56

Nathan Dixon in Republic

Justin Blair in Bolivar

Strafford Tournament

Catholic 62
Aurora 29

East Newton 23
Marshfield 56

Thayer Tournament

Alton 70
Couch 55

Bakersfield 31
Thayer 63

Warsaw Tournament

Knob Noster 36
Cole Camp 51

El Dorado Springs 50
Butler 67

Eldon 68
Skyline 76 2 OT

Lincoln 63
Warsaw 47

Bradleyville Tournament

Bradleyville 64
Victory Academy 34

Vianney Tournament

Eureka 79
Ladue 77

Belleville West 46
Farmington 54

Joboo's Roll of Honor - 11/30

Basketball season is off & running & so is the Roll of Honor.  The season is still young, but we've already seen some big performances including Abby Oliver of Strafford hitting 10 3-pointers and scoring 42 points against Lebanon.  The only other entry on the girls side is Licking's Karlee Holland who came 1 rebound short of a triple double, but is the leader in the clubhouse with 12 assists against Mt. View-Liberty.

For the boys, the early points leader is Jordan Hillenburg of Pleasant Hope who went for 40 against Buffalo, Dylan Caruso takes the single game rebound lead grabbing 19 against Richland, and Cabool's Jonathan Smith is the first 3-point entry for the boys getting 7 against Niangua.

And we added 2 team entries as Jacob Smith, Luke Johnson, and Tyler Essick of Billings each scored over 20 points in a win over Chadwick.  And Crane became the first team to break 100 points this year scoring 101 vs Exeter.

No milestones yet, but we have a big one that should happen soon.


  • 40+ points
    • 42 - Abby Oliver, Strafford, 11/22/16 vs Lebanon
  • 10+ assists
    • 12 - Karlee Holland, Licking, 11/21/16 vs Mt. View-Liberty 
  • 7+ 3-pointers
    • 10 - Abby Oliver, Strafford, 11/22/16 vs Lebanon

  • 40+ points
    • 40 - Jordan Hillenburg, Pleasant Hope, 11/23/16 vs Buffalo
  • 17+ rebounds
    • 19 - Dylan Caruso, Mansfield, 11/22/16 vs Richland
  • 7+ 3-pointers
    • 7 - Jonathan Smith, Cabool, 11/22/16 vs Niangua
  • 100+ points
    • 101 - Crane, 11/28/16 vs Exeter
  • 20+ points for 3+ players
    • 3 - Luke Johnson (24), Tyler Essick(22), Jacob Smith(21), Billings, 11/22/16 vs Chadwick

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

11/28/16 S&H Farm Supply High School Basketball Scoreboard, presented by Great Southern Bank, Hiland Dairy and Rib Crib

Girls Schedule

Rolla 21
Jefferson City 45

Gainesville 64

Willow Springs 45

Mountain Grove 47
Seymour   29

Chaffee 77
Scott City 10

Charleston 70
East Prairie 35

Purdy 58
College Heights 29

Mexico 24
Boonville 67

Chillicothe 67
Bishop LeBlond 13

Fatima 66
Owensville 53

Lawson 44
Richmond 32

Truman 51
Oak Park 16

Blue Springs South 70
Belton 24

Ash Grove Tournament

Strafford 85
Stockton 31

Marshfield 53
Ash Grove 37

Blue Eye Tournament

Spokane 64
Hurley 26

Hollister 32
Marionville 26

Carl Junction Tournament

Carl Junction 50
Monett 19

McDonald Co 46
Jasper 22

Jim Rush GMC

Everton Tournament


Greenwood 59
Humansville 46

WEMO Tournament


Van Buren Tournament

Top of the Rock

Fair Grove Tournament

West Plains 68
Chadwick 37

Rogersville 55
Fair Grove 53

Frisco League Tournament

Newbug 68
Crocker 21

Plato 50
Iberia 25

Richland 52
Stoutland 33

SEMO Conference Tournament

Dexter 76
Cape Central 61

Kennett 29
Sikeston 48

Jackson 48
Poplar Bluff 35

Notre Dame 67
Saxony Lutheran 63

Fredericktown Tournament

Naylor 41
Central Park Hills 38

Arcadia Valley 73
Perrville 30

Valle Catholic Tournament

Crystal City 30
Ste. Genevieve 60

St. Vincent 51
Valle Catholic 46

Valley Tournament

West County 63
Meadow Heights 40

Jefferson 55
Bismarck 48

South Iron 70
Kingston 17

Valley 81
Lesterville 68

Warsaw Tournament

Skyline 82
Knob Noster 25

El Dorado Springs 43
Lincoln 46

Conway 29
Cole Camp 57

Butler 73
Warsaw 36

Omaha Tournament


Eugene Tourney

Blair Oaks 66
Eugene 52

St. James 61
Tuscumbia 14

First Independent Bank

Boys Scoreboard 

Whitfield 49
Hazelwood East 39

Boonville 69
Mexico 50

St. Joseph Christian 78
Northeast Nodaway 39

Blue Eye 72
Kingston Ar 59

Pattonville 83
U-City 57

St. Clair 63
Vienna 51

Maplewood 73
Trinity 69 (3 OT)

Green Ridge 46
Leeton 39

Braymer 64
Hardin-Central 49

Hollister 55
Reed Spring 51

Chamois 71
Macks Creek 41

Lexington 45
St. Paul Lutheran 53

Sullivan 77
Bourbon 40

Parkway Central 44
Parkway South 66

Odessa 48
St. Joe Benton 56

Lathrop 58
Higginsville 66

Ellington 64
East Carter 35

Vianney Tournament

Hazelwood Central 71
Farmington 64

Eureka 42
SLUH  61

WEMO Tournament

Rich Hill

Appleton City

Carthage Tournament

Joplin 64
Seneca 40

McDonald Co 40
Nevada 44

Clever Tournament

Clever 89
Purdy 42

Morrisville 61
McAuley Catholic 67

Forsyth Tournament

Hollister 55
Reeds Spring 51

West Plains 68
School of the Ozarks 61

Humansville Tournament

Hermitage 88
Skyline JV 45

Halfway 60
Dadeville 46

Marionville Tournament

Greenfield 75
Chadwick 34

Spokane 39
Southwest 50

Pierce City Tournament

Crane 101
Exeter 24

Verona 65
Pierce City 76

Republic Tournament

Rolla 58
Belton 73

Oak Park 50
Republic 56

Strafford Tournament

Marshfield 53
Strafford 55

Aurora 47
Conway 41

Sullivan Tournament

Salem 71
Steelville 75

St. James 85
Potosi 61

Thayer Tournament

MV/BT Liberty 68
Dora 41

Willow Springs 74
Bakersfield 50

Bernie Invitational

Holcomb 53
Risco 87

Campbell 66
Twin Rivers 72

Gideon Classic

Gosnell Ark 80
Gideon 64

Senath-Hornersville 24
Hayti 70

DeSoto Classic

Rockwood Summit 29
Cape Central 57

Riverview Gardens 103
DeSoto 96

Fox 55
Ste. Genevieve 52

Seckman 76
St. Pius X 60

Oran Invitational

Malden 83
Richland 20

Chaffee 42
Advance 72

Kelly 30
Scott Co Central 73

Woodland Invitational 

Woodland 84
Leopold 27

Scott City 73
Delta 48

Perryville 85
Oak Ridge 49

Troy Tournament

Francis Howell 71
Ft. Zumwalt South 58

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